Rodent Repeller Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Ultrasonic Test Using Mice (Aspectek archive 1990)

This snippet from this Aspectek archive video shows humane ultrasonic frequencies being tested as a repeller for live mice. Ultrasonic frequencies do not harm ...

Mosquito Repellent APP's Do they really work ?

MythBuster - Let`s see if these Mosquito Repellent APP's really work or Not ?

When Tested See Which Repellents Keep Mosquitoes Away Best?

As summer is right around the corner and the Zika virus out there, what mosquito repellents work best? INSIDE EDITION went down to the USDA Mosquito and ...

Product Review: Hoont Indoor Plug-in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

I gave these a test in our shop and they really do work. Buy at Amazon:

Anti Mosquito Sound Prank - Android app

Download link: Repel mosquitoes using our experimental prank tool!

Mouse and Rat Repeller - How to get rid of rats Mouse and Rat Repeller, plug in mouse repeller, plug in rat repeller, get rid of mice, get rid of rats, rodent infestation helps ...

Anti Mosquito App by Pico Brothers Review

The Anti Mosquito app for Android phones is supposed to repel mosquitoes and other bugs like ticks. I test the app against a black legged tick I pulled from my ...

(:Review:) Svinz UltraSonic Pest Repeler with Ultra Low Frequency ULF & 3 Mode High Frequency

Get This Pest Rpeller on Amazon: My buddy Mark raises cockroaches, so I figured I would put this to ...

Black & Decker EP1100-A Ultrasonic Pest Repeller THIS WORKS!!!! control review

My review on the Black and Decker EP1100-A pest repeller.


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